Exotic Asian tiger shrimp in ocean waters near you...

Yes, Asian tiger shrimp, not the Asian tiger mosquito which already infests SoFla and carries the deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever.

And no, the Asian tiger shrimp does not transmit dengue, but a vague report by the USGS and NOAA (excerpts and link below) hinted that these shrimp carry as yet unspecified diseases.

Asian tiger shrimp are native to Indo-Pacific, Asian, and Australian waters, but are now found along the southeast and Gulf coasts of the United States. While small numbers of this invasive species have been reported in U.S. waters for over a decade, sightings have notably increased over the past few years.

Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and NOAA are now working with state agencies from North Carolina to Texas to look into whether these shrimp carry disease, compete for the same food source, or prey directly on native shrimp.

NOAA and USGS scientists are examining shrimp collected from the Gulf and Atlantic coasts to look for subtle differences in their DNA, information which could offer valuable clues to their origins. This is the first look at the genetics of wild caught Asian tiger shrimp populations found in this part of the U.S., and may shed light on whether there are multiple sources.

...there are concerns over the potential for novel avenues of disease transmission and competition with native shrimp stocks, especially given the high growth rates and spawning rates compared with other species.

Link to full article on those little ole Asian tiger shrimpy poos.

Speaking of gulf shrimp, Alabama has finally banned shrimping in the gulf, click on this link to "Gulf Coast Waters of Alabama Finally Closed to Shrimping".

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