Florida Dangers

If you do not have the time to trudge through the monumental mountain of "TMI" verbiage, scattered here and there on this website, in order to become aware of the monumental immensity of all of the hidden dangers of south Florida, we will concentrate the most dangerous warnings on this webpage in a concisely summarized fashion. However, at this point in time, this page is not up to date with the latest information, and rather the "Top 50 Reasons" page contains (click-able link to go there) has considerably more information until we manage to get everything "in sync"...

New Shark Warning

The millions of gallons of toxic crud from the gulf oil geyser is resulting in "strange behavior" of sea life, forcing them out of the normal territory closer to the shorelines and beaches, even migrating to other regions of the peninsula. This of course includes sharks, so be wary and also warn anyone you know that might venture into the waters of Florida because this "news" will likely be suppressed as much as possible by the tourism industry. Here is a link to an article that we managed to find, hidden in the local section of the Miami Herald.


The Secret and Deadly NEW Mosquito Danger

For now, be very aware of a dangerous warning that has finally (just today, 5/24/2010) been picked up by a credible national news source (the New York Times), which we have noted on this website as being squelched (aka, silenced, secreted, kept quiet) by the unconscionably greedy and desperate Florida tourism industry (which controls the Florida media) in order to avoid losing tourism money...

You think tar balls on beaches is a problem? How about die-ing a very painful death from dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome??? As we have been reporting for months over on our "On-coming Trainwrecks" page (topic "The secret and deadly mosquito problem"), the new invasive exotic non-native Asian tiger mosquito is a carrier of diseases new to the region such as dengue fever and encephalitis and there have been outbreaks in South Florida (about which there were originally local news articles that quickly disappeared). Note that dengue is a virus, for which it is said there is no cure, and that the milder symptoms of dengue are high fevers, wicked headaches, muscle and joint pain, and bloody urine.

Also be very aware that due to these outbreaks, Florida has increased its "mosquito-control measures", which simply means that the air that visitors and residents are exposed to is now even more contaminated with toxic carcinogenic pesticides from municipal insecticide fogger machines that quietly patrol the streets in the middle of the night in stealth mode. Personally, we feel that this heavy industrial-strength pesticide fogging is having little or no apparent effect on the new mosquitoes, as we easily recognize these small elusive mosquitoes and can even identify their bites apart form regular mosquitoes (smaller welts with red spots that scab over and are much itchier for much longer, resistant to anti-itch gels), and we have observed that their presence and the incidence of their bites has increased dramatically this year.

Additionally note that the voracious Asian tiger mosquito, is very small (can enter residences through screens and window/door cracks), are very elusive (extremely difficult to detect until after they bite), and feeds 24 hours a day, unlike common mosquitoes which are larger, stupider, more detectable, and typically feed only at sunrise and sunset (unless they happen to be drunk from biting into a besotted party animal). This is a link to the Times article "Outbreak of Dengue Fever Is Reported in Florida". Bottom line, warn friends and family...

Note that after the outbreak of dengue in Key West last year, they tested some residents (that had not traveled outside of Key West) and five percent of them (that did not have symptoms of dengue) did have antibodies of dengue, which means that they are now carriers of the disease, and when they are re-bitten the mosquito is then re-armed with the virus to pass along to even more victims. The point being, this results in a cascading, avalanching effect that will help spread the disease.

WARNING: be very aware that there are currently reported to be at least four variant strains of the dengue fever virus. Dengue becomes increasingly more deadly in proportion to the number of times a victim is infected with it (re-bitten by a mosquito). After only the first infection with the dengue virus, a victim's resultant antibodies against the virus will only be for one of the four variants. If any of the other three variants are subsequently contracted, dengue is much more likely to be fatal because the victim's immune system thinks it is producing antibodies for it, but they do not affect the other three, so the immune system keeps cranking out more and more cytokines, resulting in a "cytokine storm" which (for one thing) causes the lungs to bleed profusely, drowning the victim in their own blood. It is said that dengue is a very painful way to die with little that can be done to alleviate the severity of the symptoms. The crucial point to realize and remember is that, for example, of the 5% of the Key Westers that were infected with the dengue virus the first time without any or minimal symptoms of it, they can very well die with only the second contraction of the dengue virus (shhh, don't tell anyone)...

Emphasis and Elaboration: this new mosquito is increasing in numbers such that it is impossible to go outside when the weather is still and warm without being attacked, not quite by swarms yet, but just stopping and getting off our bikes over on the intracoastal waterway to capture a sunset video on a still evening, we are immediately attacked by two or three of these dangerous pests, and again, they are difficult to detect until they pierce your skin. Realize that this truly is a serious epidemic, which of course you will not hear about on the local news until the rest of the world picks up on it when there is an outbreak of people contracting and dying of dengue fever and encephalitis. We have been first to report other problems that have been suppressed, and we were and still are way ahead of them on this one... BEWARE, stay away...

Bonus credibility point for us. We interject here that we have throughout this website made the assertion that the chamber-of-commerce, tourism-industry controlled Florida news media unconscionably suppresses valuable information such as this that would of course be detrimental tourism, business, and real estate industries. Although the New York Times finally reported the dengue outbreak, we have yet to find any warnings from any Florida media sources, and the original articles that were initially posted on some Florida Keys websites quickly disappeared. Fine, if they want to avoid revelations about how obnoxious the people are here, no big deal, but when it comes to withholding crucial warnings about the dangers of Florida, that is just downright unethical -- but, unethical they are here...

NEGATIVE credibility point for CDC, et al. Worldwide, currently, 100 million people contract dengue and 25,000 (no typo) people die of mosquito transmitted dengue fever every year. OK, there is no vaccine for dengue, so the hypocritical health agencies can't make any money by initiating warnings of the coming "dengue pandemic", but shouldn't they be warning people not to travel to the areas where dengue is present, and doing something to "prevent" further outbreaks, maybe pushing to eliminate or reduce the mosquito invasion?

July 2010 Updates. Local health officials have finally confirmed this and have issued an advisory that dengue fever has been arrived on the Florida mainland: link to article on the advisory. Also, the following is a link to an article that indicates that dengue fever has become "epidemic" in the Caribbean: Dengue fever killing dozens in Caribbean, reaching epidemic stage.

November 2010 Update. Note that a recent comment by the director of Dade county DOH stated, regarding dengue surfacing in that county, that: "This [the danger of contracting the dengue virus] is everywhere in Dade county. Everyone should consider themselves at risk no matter where they live [in South Florida]" (here is a link to the article, entitled "Health officials: Beware of dengue, cholera, encephalitis" and who knows what else tomorrow).

November 2010 Update to the prior update. Didn't take long. South Florida now has it's first -- and you can bet not the last -- confirmed case of cholera. And, guess what, the SoFla woman diagnosed with cholera had just returned from visiting family in where else but Haiti. Shouldn't people like that be quarantined for a while upon return in a futile attempt to avoid a cholera epidemic here? FloriDUH! Here is a link to an article on the start of the cholera epidemic in SoFla, just in time for "tourist season"...


An EASY Target for Terrorism

Surrounded by water, intrusion by terrorists makes this densely populated area easily accessible. Consider the heavy concentration of the pro-Israel population residing here and you have an area with a desirable and easy target on its back. The Port of Miami to the south and directly adjacent Port Everglades increases the susceptibility of bioterrorism and the importation of nuclear weapons. However, with a nuclear power plant on the south end of Miami, the terrorists don't really need much of a nuclear device to turn the area into the next Chernobyl. Then too, the Floridiots allow anyone to fly up and down the coast, even with those small gasoline-engine powered hang gliders. Consider what terrorists could do with a few canisters of nerve gas, just simply doing a fly-by with the winds blowing the poison gas into the wall to wall condominiums of Miami, inhabited by a large contingent of pro-Israeli's. Easy to pull off, easy to escape from, major death toll of the enemies of terrorists. Much like '911', cheap, easy, but in this case the terrorists have a chance to get away and reek more havoc. This is not something that we thought up, it is no deep dark secret, all of the locals here (and anybody with a lick of sense) are much to aware of this potential, deadly danger...

Also, consider very strongly that porous southeast Florida is home to the huge Cuban exile community, and be very aware that Castro is said to have extensive biological weapons research facilities in Vedado Cuba (in the lower floors of Farmacia Internationale del Cubanos). We are not making this up...

Given the high potential and susceptibility of the Sofla region, again, realize that they allow unmonitored, uncontrolled flights of gasoline powered hang-gliders by anyone at any time; how conveniently easy that makes it for terrorists to do a simple fly-by releasing a deadly bio-weapon gas into the onshore prevailing winds into the wall to wall mile high resorts and condominiums, home to not just Americans, but to a high concentration of Cuban American exiles and American Jews. "How stupid is that", to allow absolutely anyone to fly these contraptions to up and down the coast line unchecked and unimpeded -- they can even launch from boats offshore and would never have to set foot on American soil, and they would even have a high chance of getting away after killing hundreds of thousands. You think "911" was bad? And, this approach is wide open, easy, inexpensive, safer for the terrorists, and much more effective. How can they allow this??? As long as they DO allow it, the southeast Florida coastline is a deadly dangerous place to be. Disclaimer: again, we are not "letting the cat out of the bag", this is all too well commonly known; consider that the eventual 911 terrorists took up residence in Hollywood prior to executing their plan, and their cohorts -- and Castro -- are well aware of this ignored vulnerability... We speculate that "they" ignore this for several reasons, like the world is overpopulated anyway, so what's a few hundred thousand less Cubans, Jews, tourists, and retirees sucking up federal monies via their social security and medicare allotments...


Deadly Ocean Rip Currents are a Serious Danger

We are slipping this in before planned due to a recent article on the danger. You would think that this danger is common enough that people would be cautious, but these recent deaths indicate that we need to emphasize the risk... Rip currents turn South Florida beaches deadly. The preceding link is to an article where in mid May of 2010, two people died of drowning and a third was missing due to getting caught in "rip currents". They say it's deadly, and it is; still, people do not stay out of the ocean even though red flags are posted (indicating high hazard) and sometimes even when double red flags are posted (indicating stay out of the ocean). The catch is that some visitors are unaware of this, and a second problem is that lifeguards are only on duty from 9 to 5 with many visitors hitting the beaches before and after those hours, even during hours of darkness.


Sharks and Barracudas

Everyone knows that Florida is the capitol of shark bites, and in theory sharks are said to feed at sunrise and at sunset, but we caution you that we have never seen a shark during those hours, and that conversely all of our personal shark sitings have occurred other than at sunrise/sunset. And guess what: the absence of shark fins protruding from the water does NOT mean that they are not there; we once glanced around to see a six foot long shark just casually floating near the surface, circling and watching us, never a sign of a fin above water.

Be aware that the common bull sharks, also known as the "river shark" or the "lake shark", are also found in inland waterways and fresh water lakes, and that bull sharks are responsible for more attacks on humans than tiger sharks and the great white shark...

Also, if you for some reason decide to go snorkeling near a reef, realize that barracuda hang out there and they are large and very aggressive with an impressive collection of large, sharp teeth, and are just as likely to take a big chunk out of you as a shark, even more so if they feel in any way threatened or frightened....


Florida: the "Lightning Capitol of the World"

Florida is known as the "Lightning Capitol of the World", having more deaths and injuries than all other states combined. Yes, there are other regions of the planet where there is a higher incidence of lightning strikes, but less injuries and fatalities. One major factor of course in the high number of lightning strikes of Floridians is that way too many of the residents are just entirely too incredibly stupid. But another major factor is that Florida is flat and mostly barren, so being outside during times when lightning is in the area makes victims more susceptible. Think of all those golfers with their metal irons out in the middle of nowhere with their irons sticking up in the air on the backswing, making them virtual lightning rods. Then too, so many residents get out in the constant storms (during the rainy season), again with a metal rod in the form of an umbrella, easy targets out in the open... A common warning that may be little known by visitors and is commonly ignored by residents, is that the Florida version of thunderstorms have an unusual tendency to cast lightning strikes up to three miles out from a thunderhead, into areas that do not seem to be under threat, often striking unwary victims that are standing far away on an exposed stretch of wide open beach. Still, it is not unusual to observe locals standing under trees for shelter from rain during a thunderstorm, even with thunder and lightning crackling all around... FloriDUH! In the interest of providing real-time lightning information for the entire state of Florida, click on this link to a Florida lightning tracker site. In the interest of providing real-time lightning information just for region of south Florida, click on this link to a SOUTH Florida lightning tracker site. Note that during times of thunderstorm inactivity, the display for this sight may be blank, but when lightning cranks up, it comes to life, and is/was highly accurate in real time mode.

Florida: tornado alley?

The metropolitan area of Clearwater Florida has the highest number of recorded tornadoes in the United States since 1950. Tampa comes in at number three. So the central west coast area of Florida would seem to be the tornado capital? More on this later...but for now, do not assume that moving out the midwest's "tornado alley" will get you away from tornadoes. Also, during hurricanes and tropical storms, numerous tornadoes are spawned over a wide region, even outside the range of the storms...


Florida: the Capitol of Dangerous "Exotic Species"

Consider that the fact that tens of thousands of boa constrictor snakes had taken over the Florida Everglades before it finally became public knowledge, along with the fact that this burgeoning overpopulation of huge baby-eating snakes was ignored and kept quiet until it became entirely too obvious ("Mommy, a big ole snake just swallowed Fido!"). Be aware that the swamps of Florida are now also inhabited by Nile Monitor "Lizards", which are large prehistoric, carnivorous, brainless, vicious reptiles the size of alligators (up to 10 or 11 feet) that hunt in packs like wolves (able to outrun and outswim humans) and will attack and kill and eat anything, including humans. These ugly vile animals have the body of the Komodo dragon with the head of an Anaconda snake and the mouth of a prehistoric vilociraptor. We have been "informed" by some locals that they have been told that these reptiles are said to be responsible for killing livestock in south central Florida on the northern edges of the Everglades and have been confirmed to have moved as far south and west as the Cape Coral area (link to article). Be aware that this rapacious pack predator is venomous and that they start eating their still-alive prey as soon as it is stunned by the venom from the first bite. Also be aware that these predators swim as well as alligators are able to outrun humans on land. Lastly, be very aware that every year in Florida numerous people are added to the "missing persons" list and of course be very assured that the pro-tourism news media would suppress any "news" about tourists being ripped apart by packs of vicious monster reptiles... We advise staying out of the remote swamp areas of Florida to avoid these vicious reptiles. Link to Wikipedia info on Nile Monitor Lizard.


Florida: the Capitol of sinkholes

The Florida peninsula is little more than a porous sand wafer floating in water atop squished skeletons of sea creatures that is honeycombed with labyrinths of caves, vents, and underground rivers, lakes, and aquifers.

The formation of sinkholes in Florida is increasing because the underground aquifers are being emptied by extreme overuse to satisfy the water demands of the growing metropolitan areas, the agricultural and citrus industries, and of course those tourists suck up and flush down a lot of water...

Consequently, these massive underground water reservoirs that were once filled with water are now only partially filled and continue to be emptied out at alarming rates, so the now emptying reservoirs increasingly cannot support the weight above, resulting in huge sinkholes swallowing up vehicles and buildings on a more regular basis in a much wider area...

Here is a link to an article about increasing insurance rates due to many more sinkholes showing up, and in new locations in which is stated the following: "The state's property insurers, including state-run Citizens, are being swamped by a different kind of catastrophe: sinkholes....A sharp increase in claims related to damage caused by collapsing earth -- including about 300 in South Florida, where sinkholes aren't usually found -- contributed to Citizens' request for an average statewide 8.4 percent rate increase heard Tuesday by insurance regulators". We emphasize that the wording in the preceding quote, "where sinkholes aren't usually found", indicates in a roundabout way what we already stated: that the problem is spreading and worsening, alarmingly. So, if you dare buy real estate here, be sure to purchase property insurance, and if you plan to reside on the property, consider that it and you can find yourself at the bottom of a sinkhole on any given day, or night, so you might want to check that your medical -- and life -- insurance policies are adequate to cover all contingencies...

Update. For newer up to date figures on the "skyrocketing" formation of Florida sinkholes, click on this link to a new post about a report from the Florida Office of Insurance about the claims on sinkholes increasing over ten-fold in just three years (along with their alarming spread out into new coastal megalopolis areas of Miami and Lauderdale).


Florida's Snakes

Florida is home to six types of venomous snakes, most of which are found in typical snake habitats of the coastal and inland swampy regions and wooded inland areas, and we only occasionally observe one slithering around in metro areas near the coast. The venomous snakes of Florida are listed below; a formidable host of poisonous snakes reside in this subtropical area, so watch where you step if you get off the beaten path.

  • Southern Copperhead, aka "Highland Moccasin" and "Chunkhead"
  • Cottonmouth, aka "Water Moccasin"
  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
  • Timber Rattlesnake, aka "Canebrake Rattlesnake"
  • Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake, aka "Pigmy Rattler" and "Ground Rattler"
  • Eastern Coral Snake

Lastly, realize that a snake does not have to be venomous to be dangerous to pets and children, and that as of summer 2010, an estimated 20,000 giant boa constrictors -- mostly Burmese and African pythons but including yellow anacondas (anacondas are the largest snake on the planet) which are large enough to swallow babies and small children whole -- are said to be slithering around the swamps of Florida. Some have even been seen in swampy regions on the fringes of metro urban areas, as well as sightings in the Florida Keys, along Florida's western gulf coast and further north along the peninsula. Note that these monstrous snakes have also been observed.in mortal combat with large alligators, with the snakes usually winning the battle.


Florida's Continued Experimentation Disasters...

First, this is NOT "way out there", because due to ongoing Floridiot misguided attempts to solve a problem, they have yet again created a new "worser" problem by introducing a yet another new species (hence, "FloriDUH"). So, the so-called Florida panther population was diminishing for stupid reasons we won't go into, and the wildlife management morons (the same ones that finally realized that there were 20,000 exotic non-native monster pythons eating alligators and everything else in the Everglades) came up with the bright idea of importing western mountain lions into the Florida not-so-wilds to beef up the herds of "lions". Did they ponder that this might not be a good idea; did they try mixing these two breeds of big cats in captivity first to ensure that the result would not be a much more aggressive menace to humans than either one of the breeds was before cross breeding? Nope, "just do it", whatever happens, happens, what could go wrong... Recent attacks of humans with these mean mixed up big cats, aka LIONS, did not turn out well for the humans. So, it was dumb, but our point is that this is just one more reason to think twice before you take up Florida on their suggestion of venturing into the wild on their recently completed network "hiking trails" through the wilds of Florida, where the hungry cats don't have much to eat, and those human hamburgers wandering around are starting to look pretty good to the Florida "panth-lion"; or is it the "mountain-ther"; how about the swamp-puma... Some "wild game" hunters (?) have recently had to shoot and kill some of these new aggressive lion cats to avoid attack. But were you warned about this new danger? Did you even hear anything about it? Of course not, just let them go hiking, so what if a few more victims go "missing", hundreds do already "go missing" every year in Florida (the FDLE has an online database to report and search for missing people, but no doubt some of the data just happens to get lost to under-report the stats), so we will just add them to the count as "disappeared", so what's a few more missing hikers and tourists, the world is overpopulated anyways...


Florida's Secret Tsunami Danger

Hey, Florida has a coastline. The coastline is on an ocean. Cuba is on the seismically active Enriquillo-plantain fault line (which just happens to connect to the fault zone that caused the recent 2010 earthquake in Haiti). These tectonic plates are actively shifting below the surface of the Caribbean along the fault lines. Some day -- any given day -- the true "big one" is going to hit the Cuban fault line, and the possibility of a resulting tsunami hitting the adjacent Florida beaches in record time must be considered. Little or no time for a warning, and certainly no time to evacuate the thin strips of over-populated beaches which would be struck with deadly walls of water that will likely even topple some of those mile high resorts and condos.

Further, "New studies point to a previously unmapped "blind" fault as the trigger for the catastrophe and found no evidence it had eased more than two centuries of increasing seismic strain along the island's major pressure point". Seismologists have recently admitted that the recent Haiti earthquake "that left Haiti in ruins and killed more than 200,000 people may not have been the "big one" and almost certainly wasn't the last one". Link to an article on that last point.

You might be asking "Why haven't we been warned about this"? Because, the Florida tourism industry simply doesn't want anyone to know about this very real "clear and present danger"... As they say on the weather channel, "it could happen tomoro". Do you want to be there when it hits? Then avoid Florida...

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Check back occasionally, we are just getting started with this crucial topic...

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