Population of cannibals in the gulf to explode and decimate the aquatic seafood chain...

Below are some excerpts from an article regarding the invasion of the preditory cannibalistic Asian tiger shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by some pertinent info and a link to the full article, as well as a link to our first post on the topic relating to potential disease carried by the shrimp...

Asian tiger shrimp are spreading through the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Seaboard and menacing those areas' ecosystems.

The crustaceans can measure up to 13 inches long and weigh nearly a pound...

...last year the numbers suddenly increased tenfold in one year.

Like most other shrimp, the jumbo prawns are cannibalistic and because of their size, they can gobble up many of their smaller Gulf cousins and their larvae.

They also compete for the native shrimp's food supply and spread through their environs, disrupting the eco-balance.

Tiger shrimp spawn between 50,000 and 1 million eggs a cycle.

Once they take hold, it's nearly impossible to eradicate them.

Though last year's numbers appear small compared with the vastness of the Gulf, they represent a fraction of the actual number of tiger shrimp believed to be in the Gulf and along the Eastern Seaboard...

The real concern will be if their numbers continue to grow exponentially each year.

Note that our first post on this invasion of the exotic Asian tiger shrimp (Exotic Asian tiger shrimp in ocean waters near you?) regarded another article which noted the distinct possibility that this non-native Asian species was a disease carrier.

Although that first article was did specifically clarigy the disease issue, we are reminded of the invasive non-native Asian tiger mosquito which is now increasingly ubiquitous in the Caribbean and the lower southern states and is the carrier for the deadly dengue hemorrhagic"fever" disease.

The article also noted that the Asian tiger shrimp "escaped" from a lab in North Carolina. We have to wonder how a non-native exotic disease carrying shrimp -- relatively large -- could escape from the confines of a lab, and whether or not it may have been intentional.

That scenario also reminds us of the labs where technicians "experiment" with deadly diseases such as bubonic plague.

Then too there is the new deadly mutant H5N1 bird flu which has been reworked -- in a lab -- to be easily transmissable between humans (before which, it was only transmissable from animal to human). If you have not heard of this fiasco, a major controversy evolved whereby scientists desparately wanted to publish the method they discovered by which the H5N1 bird flu was mutated from a relatively harmless virus to a deadly pandemic virus. Think maybe those scientists were encouraged by bribe money from big pharma vaccine companies?

Ah, that's just good ole Rebublican social Darwinism: let's kill off the masses so we don't have to pay them back all the money they paid into their social security "trust fund", which politicians convert to treasury bonds to drain the cash out to use for their own pork barrel, earmark, bridge to nowhere projects for their own personal gain. The ole shameless Republican reverse-Robin-Hood robber-Barron trickle-up tactic of forcing disparate social inequality upon the masses...

Link to full article Asian tiger shrimp invade U.S. waters.

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