The Rube Report, volume 1, issue 1, lesson 1: Rubio is an egregiously lame jerk...

A while back I signed a petition to support the clean air act, a copy of which unfortunately went to Florida Teapublican Marco "the Rube" Rubio.

Today I received a personal "letter" from (a tax-paid office assistant staffer of) Rabid Rube stating the following.

I feel the EPA has exceeded its regulatory authority regarding greenhouse gas emissions [sic].

This abuse of power, if unchecked, could be detrimental not only to our economy, but our constitutional system of checks and balances as well [sic].

I am against the EPA's ill-suited regulation of greenhouse gases [sic].

"ABUSE OF POWER"??? The EPA endeavors to pursue it's responsibility to clean up the air we all must breathe ("an agency charged with protecting human health and the environment") and slow down global warming and this tea party jackass propogandistically labels it as abuse of power??? How more totally wrong can anyone be than that? Think about it, and remember all this ludicrous Teapublican trash the next time you vote (we disclaim that we don't particularly care for most Demonicrats either)...

Anyway, I sign an online petition that is emailed to The Rube -- involving no paper, no postage, no emission of greenhouse gases from transit via snail mail -- and one of his several tax-paid staffers takes the time to send out a hard copy letter to me and thousands of others -- involving use of taxpayer-paid-for paper, taxpayer-paid postage, and emission of greenhouse gases from taxpayer-paid-for transit via snail mail -- informing me that he is against my support of regulation of emissions of greenhouse gases.

Is that a blatant in-your-face Teapublican intimidation tactic or what? Extremely hypocritical Teapublicans shamelessly enjoy provoking the opposition with their pharmaceutically lobotomized crapola as a means of wearing down the opposition with anger and high blood pressure...

To summarize: that needlessly costly taxpayer-paid-for letter not only did absolutely nothing to justify his position, absolutely nothing to lessen my aggravation with this support of reckless emission of greenhouse gases, and everything to do with making me want to kick his ass down the road along with the 800 trillion ton greenhouse gorilla that he is mindlessly kicking down the road, ignoring the scientifically documented fact that anthropogenic global warming has already set in motion minor "natural" cascading feedback loops which are inching toward triggering major "natural" cascading feedback loops that will release trillions of tons of greenhouse gases (25 times the amount released by humans) that will exceed irreversible tipping point thresholds, trapping the heat of the sun, super-heating the planet, thickening the greenhouse into a shield that will then block all of the heat of the sun, pushing the planet back into an ice age just like the ones that have occurred five times before, when these exact same "natural" cascading feedback loops were set in motion either by meteor strikes, massive volcanic eruptions, or global shifting of the tilting planetary rotation axis.

If you have never heard about the thoroughly suppressed facts that global warming has previously triggered natural cascading feedback loops that resulted in the extinction of over 95% of life on the planet (remember dinosaurs?), then we provide this link to a detailed outline of cascading feedback loops and their irreversible tipping point thresholds. Just skip the lead-in and scroll down to the index of clickable links of feedbacks; the first four of those index links encompass the aforementioned "major" feedbacks, but the other umpteen "minor" feedback loops are in no way insignificant...

Footnote fact. The Rube represents Florida. Florida is in the bowling alley for hurricanes. Global warming -- left "unchecked" -- is scientifically documented to trigger more numerous and more powerful super-hurricanes within the next decade requiring upgrade of the Saffer-Simpson scale (shouldn't that be Homer-Simpson? or Homer-Rubio?) for classifying hurricane strength to well beyond category five. Way to go off-the-Marko... At this point, they predict that at first we will experience 5 to 10 "supercanes" per year, then 20 per year, then who knows... So this boneheaded rube cares to do nothing about global warming that will trash the state he is supposed to represent (he represents mindless tea partiers, just like Scrotumhead Scott, not Floridians)

Definition of "rube": an offensive term for somebody who is regarded as naive or unsophisticated [mental update to definition, add 'unconscionable jerk'].

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